new release - HIDDEN TRACKS

new release - HIDDEN TRACKS

This is Cómeme bringing more hot rhythms to the dancefloors of 2017 and beyond – this time starring Charlotte Bendiks from Trømso, Norway with her smashing and generous EP: “Hidden Tracks” – the first Cómeme EP produced north of the polar circle! Charlie is a spaced out chica doing dark humour techno hotness - scared and attracted by encounters with ghosts and ghouls, lost souls, insomnia and aurora borealis frenzy – these mystical experiences drive her to do her own take on physical dancefloor pleasure and pain, spinning records or playing live alongside Jon-Eirik Boska, who also features on this 12”.

Let’s dive into a parallel world of gothic ukuleles, isolated villages and their myths, juvenile silliness and arctic deepness.
Here are the “Hidden Tracks”...


A1 Kaia
A2 Moped Jacks
A3 Tellstannj
B1 Noir
B2 Noir (Instrumental)